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I'm using an 820 (which is also having problems and needs a shop trip) and even with the bed extension and even with small projects I really wish I had the drop down/flush table for quilting and I have started looking on Craig's List and affordable to me options with the goal of finding one this year. I did several smaller quilts over the past year using a variety of the features including the BSR, the integrated walking foot, and just stitching down the ditch in regular mode. I've have pretty good success with most I've done, but I need to work on my going backwards in a small circle in free mode, I still have problems most of the time with that. I don't think it's the machine, just operator error that can be resolved by practice. That lovely work space could handle a queen sized project pretty easily, but I'm not currently willing to wrestle with anything much larger than a twin.

My friend who gave me the 820 uses a 770 and now and just loves it. Some people seem to click with a brand, and I hear a lot don't click with Bernina.

I'm sure the 770 also has the integrated walking foot feature. Has your wife tried that for quilting and did it go any better? Maybe try quilting something like an orange peel pattern grid with easy curves to get the feel for that and then go to the BSR.

edit: Wanted to reinforce Tartan's comment about making sure the machine works to your satisfaction before the warranty runs out. My machine was bought by a lady who just never liked it, but waited just a bit too long to return it and was offered less than half the original price. My friend bought it for half price, so more than the dealer and she used it for a couple of years and ultimately decided she didn't like it so bought the 770 and the 820 came to me with the warning that it was "picky about thread - it seems to like aurifil though". And both of them are Bernina fans.

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