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Originally Posted by Iceblossom View Post
Waving from a safe personal space near Seattle.

T-shirt quilts are a skill unto themselves! Some people love them and do wonderful things, I'm medium-indifferent and avoid making them if I can. They are, however, a wonderful and appreciated gift even if just to ourselves.

Did you fuse a lining to the t-shirts before cutting? Most people first fuse or rough cut the shirt into halves, then fuse the interfacing, and then border the units with some sort of straight weave quilting cotton.
yes I've done all the prep basically! I've fused my shirts, I've cut out all the tiny squares and strips from the regular cotton fabric. I haven't even gotten to sewing the t-shirts onto the other blocks yet. The pattern is 5 squares across the first square being the fabric pattern the next being the t-shirt and alternating. I really set myself up, I guess!
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