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Hello, Hello, Hello! How is everyone? I have the names for the swap ready. If you can do musical, then that is fine. But if you can't, please make anything you can from the stash you have. All recipients please be mindful about the times that are upon us.
Boop56 will swap with Short an Sweet
mpepperm37 will swap with cuppy
mmonhon will swap with stillvnu
Nonnie4 will swap with granky
I am excited to see what your creative minds have come up with. Everyone is so talented.
Please contact your swap partner and exchange mailing information.
Next month is Feathered Friends. I don't know if everyone has the stash to make these, so whatever you want to make for June is great. I do not want anyone out and about until you feel comfortable. I know I am not comfortable yet. I want to wait another month. I want to see if cases go up with our state opening up to a Phase 1. We are beside Orlando and that is the hotspot in Florida. Our county has the 3rd highest cases reported in the state.
Anyway...Let's begin.
Thank you everyone, Peggy
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