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Have been successful with low carb. I have learned:
  • eat breakfast
  • plan meals for day: protein and vegetable
  • don't wait til starving to cook-causes bad choices
We make low carb ice cream every other night in the Cuisinart freezer. 2 c. Half n half, 1/2 c. Splenda, 1 t. vanilla.

One Tablespoon of flour has 9 carbs. I make cream gravy with 2 T flour and 2 T butter for the roux. That's 18 carbs that we can share for 2-3 meals. Add parm. chese and you have alfredo sauce.

An apple in the evening helps sweet cravings.

At first, I cooked chicken thighs in crock pot a lot. Thighs in cream of mushroom soup; thighs in cream of herb chicken; thighs in cream of asparagus...

We live on the coast, so we add seafood often. I mix my own Blackening Seasoning in order to control the red pepper. It's basically paprika, garlic, Italian seasonings, and red pepper.

I make King Ranch Casserole without the tortillas. It's simply cooked chicken, Ro-tel tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, and cream of mush.

Very Very Teriyaki sauce, used sparingly, changes stir fry vegetables into Chinese food. (found it at wal mart)
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