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I find that all of the brands are really good at something, but that each model also requires a small compromise in some area. I will make up some possible examples to show what I mean.

A small, narrow feed Pfaff with IDT might make a great little traveler and the best piecer in history for a sensible price, but maybe it is too small for a big quilt, or the foot height limits your bag making. Bernina has some excellent jeans and bag makers (with their big motors, stable feet, and hammer mode), but maybe you find them too heavy or too computerized. So you try a Juki TL for that sweet mechanical simplicity with just the right amount of modern features, and although you love the performance of that vertical bobbin system for free motion work, you find the side-loading and needle threading hard to get used to. Janome has the more convenient drop-in bobbin, plus impressive, innovative feed options and large quilt space, but maybe you have no Janome tech nearby. Brother is well known for leading-edge embroidery technology, like the mind-blowing Luminaire mentioned above, but maybe the prices make you feel faint. The prices on are really amazing right now, but maybe you would enjoy local sewing classes with friends and they all have Babylocks.

Nothing right or wrong about any of is just made up just to show why we need to know what YOUR opinions and projects and sewing needs are to find you a good match. So many good machines out there to enjoy.
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