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OK, in view of Watson's answer and the possibility that there may be newbies lurking who need the instructions, I'll post both. My preference for mysteries is to be told what blocks to make, so that I can make them my preferred way rather than the designer's way.

For this whole project, I made extensive use of my Deb Tucker trimdown rulers, but if you don’t have them, please don’t feel you need to run out and buy them. There always alternate methods and possibly alternate rulers by other designers. If you use them, follow their size recommendations and not mine.

Week 2:

This is our old friend, half-square triangles. You can make them by your favorite method. Thangles, Triangulations, folded corners, whatever. You are making 40 3.5-inch HSTs from Fabric #2 and Fabric #4. (Queen people, you are making 56 5.5 inch HSTs, same fabrics.)

If you’re brand new to quilting, here’s my favorite method. Cut 4-inch squares, (6-inch for queens) 20 of Fabric #2 and 20 of Fabric #4. On the back of the Fabric #2 squares, draw a diagonal line from upper right to lower left. Layer with the #4 squares, right sides together. Sew 1/4 inch on each side of that diagonal line. Cut the squares along the drawn line. Press the HSTs open. They’ll be slightly oversize, so trim them to 3 1/2 inches. You won't be taking off more than a few threads, but trimmed blocks are so nice to work with! Deb Tucker has an illustrated pdf at https://deb-tuckers-studio-180-desig...cker-trimmer-1. Of course she pushes her own trimmer tool (which, to tell the truth, is very handy) but you can use any ruler with a good diagonal to align the blocks for trimming.

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