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This is the first round, Minnesewta-sam. So far as I've been able to find, this is only one of the two in my area that is closing (that is, one is staying open). I live pretty much right between both of them, but the one that is closing is close to my hubby's work.

There was a thread here on the boards, something about finding fabric in unexpected places I think and someone mentioned Tuesday Morning had precuts. It wasn't anywhere I had stopped at before, but I was looking to match a specific set of precuts I had bought from Walmart (not the Springs/Wamsutta, but the packaged hanging smaller packs) and as I was going to 6 local Walmarts, I passed by the Tuesday Morning and figured since I was in the neighborhood, I'll check it out. And to my shock and surprise, there was the same set of precuts! In that case, Walmart was doing that big $1/yard/package sale and it cost me more to get the one package there than the two I had already bought -- but it gave me the two weird strips I really wanted for my project.

Since then, when I'm in the neighborhood I go. And then when I mentioned to the hubby about his coffee syrup brand being there, he's been going every 2-3 weeks for the past year, until the shutdown. He's going to miss it.

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