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Originally Posted by indymta View Post
The fabrics were both good quality fabric store cottons. The batting was the same as was the thread and bobbin thread.
It is a mystery. Tried a different pattern on the practice piece which worked and then went right to the quilt and the same thing happened - the first stitches were ok and then only the left side came out and not the right.
Thinking this a little further .... was there something else different?
Such as ........

Was the quilt spray basted? whereas the test piece not?

Were both sets of fabrics all pre-washed? or not?
While you said the fabrics were both good quality, were the same fabrics in both?
or a different set of fabrics for the sample vs. the quilt?

Were both simply fabric to fabric with batting?
..... or does the quilt have piecework where you are quilting?
but the sample, simply plain fabric?

Just some thoughts to help you trouble shoot!
Good Luck!
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