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Welcome. I'm guessing that the 2010 might be like the one If so, there is a threading diagram at I found a couple of manuals for the 461 at and I have not done business with any of those places.

Brother and other companies have reused numbers or names, sometimes with different letter or additional names. So perhaps a picture would help.

We like pictures. In order to post pictures on Quilting Board, you will probably need to reduce or compress the picture to a file size that is smaller than 2MB. How to post images can be found at
Don't forget to scroll over to the far right to find and click on the "Upload" button.

I have found that only the big red "reply" button works to give me the paper clip icon to work for adding pictures.

Additionally, when I have tried to "insert" pictures, it will take a while even if it is just one picture, after clicking on the paperclip icon. (This is after you have hit the "Upload" button and closed that window.) You will see the "busy" icon at the top of the page or tab spinning for a while before it list the pictures that it will attach.

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