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Hello Jules! I'm waving from a safe personal distance away in Seattle. Welcome to the boards and the hobby.

If the machine works, it will work for quilting. I've used a variety of machines in my quilting career, some with a lot of bells and whistles, but mostly I've used a vintage post-war Japanese Badged machine, whose highest ability is zig-zag. Sometimes it seems like most of the quilting shows are more about "look at what my machine can do" rather than "look what I can do"... but mostly all you need is a good strong straight stitch and desire.

I have a fancy modern computerized Bernina "sewing computer" as they call it. Both it and my trusty vintage machine went down during the Covid lock down and I spent a couple of months on a bottom of the line Brother, the type that costs about $100. It is light (I finally blue-taped it down), it doesn't have a lot of options but it worked fine for basic quilting and mask making for months.

Many of us are self-taught. Some have had friends, family, or classes to help guide them. With the internet, being self taught can be wonderful because we have videos and pictures and guides that I didn't have available to me when I started.
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