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Hello Jordan and Iceblossom! Thanks for the words of encouragement!! I’m glad to hear that I can get started with the machine that I already own. I need to dust her off and see if everything is still in good working order.

Iceblossom, I’ve been perusing the internet for ideas and tutorials - there is a ..of information out there! I don’t really have friends or family that quilt but there are a few quilting stores in my city so I can hit them up. My plan is to go through my supplies and figure out what I need to get, to get started. I also need pick out a pattern and fabric combo - just need to not get bogged down in everything and get started.

And Jordan, I will try very hard to take your words to heart about not worrying about seams lining up. I tend to be a perfectionist with things and I need to practice “letting go” and just doing.

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