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bkay, Good point! I did have my machine serviced 8 years ago when I got it. My coworker actually found it at a garage sale for just a few bucks and I spent far more getting serviced (it was a little leaky if I remember correctly). I will do some research into this; it has sat so long it probably needs oiled.

bearisgrey, I will cross my fingers that it will work for quilting. Iíd hate to get the piecing done and not be able to quilt with my machine. I honestly donít know how I feel about hand quilting; Iíve done some cross-stitch when I was little with my mom. I imagine quilting by hand is entirely different.

oldmanquilts, that is my machine! Iím glad to hear itís a good one and feel lucky to have it to start.

You guys are getting me encouraged to get started 😊
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