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I really shouldnít have given the impression that I know how to experience is very limited. I spent the evening cleaning my machine up and getting familiar with the parts and settings; felt like I had to learn everything all over again. I also found a digital user manual on Etsy and grabbed that as well. The machine still appears to be in good running order; Iíve got a shopping list put together and oil is on it. And new needles!

Rff1010, my machine has a plastic foot on it. Is that different than a piecing foot? I googled piecing foot and saw some were metal.

Iíve also been busy going down the bunny hole of patterns and fabrics 🤪 I found this pattern that Iím thinking about trying in a throw size:

I like the idea of sticking to solid colors and straight lines. I just need to pick out the color combo! I really appreciate the encouragement and warm welcome from everyone! 😊

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