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I learned to quilt mostly from I'm still just a beginner after five or so years. I average about two quilts per year. On that pattern - I would suggest you pick a pattern that is for beginners, not intermediate quilters. The one you chose is not an easy quilt, in my opinion. Again, this is just my opinion, but choose one that has large pieces. Also, solid colors will show mistakes, if you make any. And again, that quilting pattern isn't easy, either. Straight lines that repeat are the hardest do when quilting. And on solid colors, you will see every variation of the line. If you are a perfectionist, it will drive you up the wall.

I, too like Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt. She doesn't strive for perfection. If you start out striving for perfection, you are bound to fail.

My favorite videos I've found are from someone who doesn't seem to make videos anymore. She, however, shows some basic things that I was glad to learn even when it was long past my first quilt. I go back to her videos regularly. Her name is Donna Poster. Here is my favorite of her videos. That pattern she is showing would be a good one for a first quilt. It's a "rail fence". Also, maybe a "disappearing nine patch", which was my first quilt would be a good choice.

On actually quilting, I've either made small quilts that I can quilt on my sewing machine or planned to send them out to be quilted. That pattern you chose would be considered "custom quilting", that long arm quilters charge extra for.

Everyone here is very kind and helpful to new quilters and will give advice to the best of their ability, so if you get stuck, come back. Also, photos always help. My mentor quilters were on another forum, but they were invaluable resources when I had questions.


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