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Default Hello from NW Ohio!

Hi! I'm Pharaba from Oregon, Ohio. It's been the steamiest summer I can remember and I have never been more grateful for central air!

I love to make and restore. I am not a great quilter but I enjoy the challenge and am getting better. I have made 8 or 9 rag quilts and 2 pieced, all commissioned by friends. I love making draperies, pillows, bags, and I even made my first dress from a pattern for my 23 y.o. daughter, and she wears it! Lol My favorite part of the process, I think, is scouring thrift stores for stock. Sheets, skirts, mens shirts are the best yardage!

I'm glad to have found this treasure trove! I was researching my current obsession, a 1904 Standard Rotary, and it led me here!

I sew on a Janome Schoolmate, but she bogs down and fusses a bit when I sew heavy leather. When I stumbled onto this lovely treadle on marketplace, i thought it might be the perfect solution and can't wait to get her humming again!

I'm cleaning her and studying parts and functions presently and am looking forward to browsing here as I find my way.
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