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Originally Posted by sylviasmom View Post
I have 2 boxes like this, with a less rolled hemming feet. My boxes are clearly labeled for Singer. I have a featherweight, but yet not tried any of the feet to see which ones fit.
I'm not sure, but I would guess that any accessories for the featherweight came in a cardboard box. I still have the accessories for my 201-2 and my mom's 15-91 and pretty much everything that fits those two will fit a featherweight.
I'll find the accessories for the 201-2 later today and photograph them for you. There is one item I have that was for the featherweight that came with the 201-2, which had a full complement of accessories. Obviously, the original owner also owned a featherweight as the drawer also had some bobbins for the featherweight and 301 in it..

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