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That age Elna is a wonderful machine. My favorite machine is a 1973 62C - looks very similar, but light blue.

I don't want to be the downer here, but I don't quilt with mine. It is fine for piecing as long as you use a leader to keep little pieces from going into the zigzag hole - I don't have a straight stitch plate, but quilting was difficult because my machine has self adjusting tension and it was tight for quilting. If you can adjust your tension, you'll be fine. That being said, I did completely finish one two or three quilts on it before I picked up a much older Singer 301. The 301 quilts while Miss Elna does everything else from leather belts to silk organza wedding dresses.

Edit to add: If our machines are similar, that plastic foot is intended for embroidery and applique work, but works fine for regular stitching. How do I know? My cat who likes shiny things ran off with my regular foot. I finally had to buy a new one from SewingPartsOnline. A generic - the Elna is very pricey.

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