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They were able to get the whole mass out. Now they freeze it, then slice it to get as many samples as possible. Then they start testing. They have not ruled out cancer, but for now are treating it as a disease.. I hurt so bad from the drainage tube. Then catheter, iv's in each hand. After I came out of anesthesia, they had me sitting up in bed. Arm pressure band on arm and both legs. Now that felt good. Every few minutes they would rotate the pressure. Of course when I came out surgery, they were asking ME about what I wanted to be called, Peg or Peggy. Roger says Grammie. So that is what they are calling me. So, they turned me on my side for the night. Now this morning, they already have me up in the chair. They are taking me off oxygen today to see how I breath on my own and watch my draining discharge to figure out when they take out the drainage. And with that said, I am going to try to nap in ths chair. Peggy..
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