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AAshley, Now that I've had a chance to maneuver this 35 block top, I can understand what you are saying. It's very difficult. If not tor pinning everything, and rolling up things where I could, it would have been real fun.

I have another picture of the blocks joined with sashing. Never done this before, but I think it helps when each of your blocks is a little different size, especially the first blocks I created. I got much better the more made. Laying out all of the blocks and trying to sort them not only by colour, but size helped me get everything put together mostly in a rectangular way. I had to do a little creative adjustments while pinning things together in order to adjust for that little 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch difference in length between adjoining block rows.

I'm sure the colour arrangement isn't to Everyone's taste, but like I said, I had to use whatever I had on hand to create this. For my first big front, I am pretty happy. Only have a few puckers here and there.
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