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Originally Posted by CarolynTemple View Post
I have looked everywhere to find a list or database like the Singer database that tells you when a machine was made, etc. Any idea on my next step? I have a Minnesota Model A with a serial number of D 226 2712. Does the D indicate a Davis- made machine? It has the thread spindle in the middle of the arm... something I've not seen before.
Picture, please!? There were several different versions called "Minnesota A" including was a Minnesota A without an A.

According to http://ismacs.net/sears/sears.html

"For instance, there were five major versions of the Minnesota Model A" (emphasis by me)

Additionally, from my understanding there weren't any company records like Singer had during that time. There are some that have studied and collected info (Bill of Sale or advertisements) about some of them so that they can give an approximate time frame.

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