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Default Cot Quilt cute animals

Hi Started to embroider some cute baby infant animals for a cot quilt 26"x 32" and a separate floor rug quilt with extended boarder area that could be used as a floor rug to roll on..this has designs that are fully embroidered and have about 20K stitches per block 6"x6"..This will be a picture window with animal skin tones as the dividers..the second will be 54" x 62" approx in size inner green boarder with more square animal blocks trimmed with animal skin tones zebra-tiger-giraffe around the boarders and to finish it will have a diamond pattern quilt edge about 3" in width with a black half inch finish trim... the outside blocks will be same animals but in different positions plus corner the blocks will have embroidered black and tan Africa symbols with zebra skin inserts, green blocks with bamboo foliage embroidery and probably several more idiosyncrasy's as I go along ...It may take a little while to get through and assemble as I'm still putting the Queen of Egypt quilt together .Zoo
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