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Default teaching children sewing

For my granddaughter's 6th. birthday I gave her a very decorative sewing box which I purchased from Joann Fabrics. I made up a sewing binder with tab with all kinds of information about sewing: a sheet of basic sewing stitches(running stick, back stitch, blanket stitch), downloaded embroidery instructions for simple embroidery, a sheet introducing sewing machine parts, a piece of material with all the different stitches my machine can sew, a list of videos on U-tube on how to sew, the last tab was where she could put pictures of her finished work

I also put some white practice fabric with lines so she could practice the different stitches, a simple picture I drew of a bunny in a yard with different flowers she can practice on, a simple picture to embroider with embroidery thread, a more difficult embroidery kit, and basic sewing supplies, and 5 coupons for five two hour sewing lessens. She loved it !!!!

Then for my other 5 year old granddaughter I made a crocheting box with all the necessary pictures along with crocheting supplies.

I have 9 grandchildren and five of them are girls. I used to be a special education teacher and learned you have to start with the very basics. One of my granddaughters really got into the crocheting and started a little group in her kindergarten class where she was teaching the children how to crochet.

The next step is learning how to sew on the sewing machine and knitting. I love passing on these skills. I know they certainly enriched my life.
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