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Originally Posted by Claire123 View Post
I am making a pocket wallhanging. It'll be a great place to hide/organize anything that really does not have a designated spot. I'm making it in colors that will co-ordinate with what's already going on in my sewing room. Hope to have it finished in another week or so, then I can move on to cleaning out/organizing my sewing machine cabinet. I haven't attempted that in years!

The pattern is on

I'm really energized and inspired by everyone's straightening up. Keep up the great work!
Good for you. Me, I'd need to have a huge pocket and a even bigger wall!

I took on a task yesterday. Our church sewing circle hasn't met since early winter. The sewing room is filled with odds and ends of donated fabrics and general chaos. Our leader is now in the nursing home and the next in line has limited physical abilities mostly due to being older. This room hasn't been cleaned out in years. I decided to take a look at it and start organizing. Somewhat timid about how deep I should be going in the abyss, I talked with another older gal who takes completed items to the next step. Oh my...her reply to my trepidation was "Oh I am so glad someone is taking care of it...go for it and if it's not fit to use...well you know what to do." She answered alot of my questions of what would be useful and where it is all going. Brought home 2 boxes yesterday and another 2 today. and now I am sorting...
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