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hi Dee,
I tend to keep brushes with the paints they are going to be used with. I have acrylics, oils, watercolors, encaustics and fabric paints, all of which have their own sets of brushes that I keep in jars on the shelves next to the paints in my studio that serves as a multipurpose studio (painting, jewelry making, paper crafting and sandwiching quilts). An organizer convinced me to keep all my books together in one spot instead of scattered in a variety of different rooms, but in the past, I had my painting and jewelry making books in the studio where I do those things and my quilting books in my quilting studio. I keep pieces in progress together by type, so paintings and jewelry pieces stay in the studio where they will be worked on and my quilting pieces stay in the quilting studio until I'm ready to either paint on them or sandwich them, at which point I move them to the other studio space where I have a big table to lay them out on. Not idea, but I don't have any one space that is big enough to hold all my arts and crafts doings. Don't know if that helps you any or not.

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