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I have a 9-1/2" throat Juki TL98QE and I love it.

I use the same machine for machine quilting. I bought it on the trade in table at the local dealer for $199. It has a few quirks but sews great. I don't mind being a little rough with it. LOL I plan on using it until it dies and then I'll think about another. Probably what is traded in. I don't like spending a lot on machines. I'd rather use them to death and get another one. I bought my Brother embroidery machine with big hoop space for $299 off the trade in table. If after a couple of years they mess up, I don't fret over it. I bought my first Bernina on the trade in table, a 1260 for $450 with all accessories. It is such a good machine that I never felt iffy about buying from the trade in table. All have been serviced before being sold.
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