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Thanks for the compliments.

Cattitude: I understand about keeping the leader/ender project organized. For some reason, this one worked well with the quilt I was working on. I did have a method to sewing the pieces together and did 5 at a time: 5 left wings, stitch on other quilt top, then the 5 right wings, etc. Then I switched over to working on 16 patches as my leader/ender. I had them laid out in a container so it was easy to pick up and sew since the thinking had been done ahead of time. 🤷‍♀️

oksweglad: In BHís book, she used orange and light green as her background. I happened to have those 2 colors donated to me and didnít have a clue where I wanted to use them so I think thatís why this project caught my eye.
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