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Default Week 2 -- Quarter-square triangles.

Well, my PC is back, but I'm still without internet on it. But do not despair! I hooked the tablet up to the PC and transferred the images that I wanted to use. So unless I lose this tablet or do something dumb like drop it in the bathtub, everything is on it.

Week 2 - QSTs. 48 in brown/cream/teal. Finished size will be 3 inches.

This week is for quarter-square triangles. Some people call them hourglass blocks, but since this is also used for a different block, Iíve given you a picture. The east and west quadrants need to be teal/turquoise. North is chocolate brown, south is cream. (Remember these are my colors. Use your own choices.)

To make 48 units, cut twenty-four 4 1/2-inch squares of turquoise, twelve of brown, and twelve of cream. On the turquoise squares, mark a diagonal line from corner to corner. Layer half of the turquoise squares on cream squares, right sides together; sew 1/4 inch on both sides of the marked line. Cut along the line and press the resulting half-square triangles. Press to the turquoise side. Layer the remaining turquoise squares on brown, right sides together, and repeat marking, sewing, cutting, and pressing.

Mark the turquoise/cream HSTs with another diagonal line. Take one of the turquoise/cream HSTs and layer it right sides together with a turquoise/chocolate HST. If youíve pressed to the turquoise side, the seam lines will nest. Make sure that your turquoises are not on top of each other! Sew 1/4 inch on both sides of the marked line. Cut on the line and press your QSTs. If you like, you can spin the seams so they will lie flatter.

If you measure them, youíll see that they are a bit over 3 1/2 inches and they may be a bit wonky. Thatís OK, because this next step is trimming them down to an exact 3 1/2 inches. Line up one of the diagonals of your QST to a diagonal on the ruler and make sure that the center is at 1 3/4 inches. Trim top and side. Rotate the unit 180 degrees, keeping the same diagonal lined up with the ruler line, the center on the 1 3/4 mark, and the first trimmed edges on the 3 1/2 inch mark. Again trim top and side. You may not be trimming more than a couple of threads, but now your units are the exact size and all the edges are square.
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