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Default Singer 306K servicing, cleaning

Hi all,
I have recently acquired a 306K which is still in great shape. Everything turns well and even better after I oiled and lightly greased (tri-flow) the worm gears.

However, I noticed that the bevel gears driving the hook shaft, although turns freely, had very gunky old greased embedded in the gear teeth. After very long googling managed to download a PDF service manual, which illustrates how to remove the hook shaft. I have removed the six screws which holds the shaft but not able to twist the shaft to the left (as instructed by the service manual). I am just wondering if there are any other things I need to do in order to remove this shaft. The manual is very hard to read, and instructions are not as detailed as those for the 201K. So not sure if this is due to the fact that the old grease is preventing the shaft from coming out. Also, does anyone know how the bevel gear is connected to this shaft? There's also not instruction on how to fully disassemble the hook/ bobbin case holder either (instructions similar to something like the Adjuster's manual for the 201). I'd really like to fully clean this out.

Thank you kindly.
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