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Is this true confessions or a celebration for the bargains I walked into? This morning I went to a local quilt shop to pick up some fleece for donation projects. As the three of us were loading our cars, the manager of the store came to us and said, "This is the last day the shop will be open. Please shop and you can have 50% off everything." The owner of the shop passed away very recently but we had no idea the store was closing its' doors. This was a long standing business in town. So sad to see this top quality Bernina dealer and fabric shop go by the way because no one wanted to buy the business. The owner taught classes, was a stunning long armer and carried a good selection of top quality fabrics and on and on. Well $350 dollars later, I walked to my car with 6 yards of wide back and 36+ yards of miscellaneous fabrics, to deepen the color selection of my stash. I also purchased a collection of little odds and ends that I always said I would buy sometime later. Today was later! I have quilting gloves, fabric pen, a 16" square up template and on and on. You get the idea. I feel blessed and thrilled to have some new fabrics to work with this winter all at a beautiful discount. It makes all my efforts to use only my stash this year all worth it.
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