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Question Troubleshooting new Janome MC500E

Good day all. I am new to embroidery and have just bought the Janome MC500E. I am an experienced dressmaker so thought I wouldn't find my way around an embroidery machine to be that difficult. My problem is from the start the designs (built-in) that I have tested are not stitching correctly. I have checked my threading numerous times, switched out between the 2 bobbin holders, wound bobbin using same top thread instead of pre-wound bobbins, changed needles, stabilizers, made no changes to the built-ins, but every time you can see the outline and the fill-in is not lining up correctly. Its as if something is out of whack? You can see the outline and the thread 'thins' in some places and doesn't fill in. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions? (it won't allow me to post pics....)
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