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Originally Posted by Mkotch View Post
I always said I would never buy a machine without a dealer near, but then my wonderful local Elna dealer/repair person retired due to poor health. There are Viking and Bernina dealers locally also although they don't do service but rather send things out. Sometimes I read about machines that sound great, and I am tempted but haven't yet taken the plunge.
You sound pretty much like me. I read stories of people having to put their new-ish machines in for $200 service that takes weeks, and this is not even repair. My really inexpensive Brothers never seem to need more than cleaning out. They work fine, just are not great, do not do the extra things the more expensive things do. . .but then would I really use those things? I just discovered a setting on my stove that says I have features I never knew were there. . .get my drift?
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