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Last year was my first Bonnie Hunter mystery and I was able to follow through it in real time despite choosing challenging fabrics last year. This year I'm mostly doing it to have something to do and because although I usually press my seams open, I'm going to do it to Bonnie's directions and to the side this year. I felt that (other than trying to keep the mystery alive) she gives very good explanations and that has always bugged me with pressing to the side.... "press to the dark side except here and there and this and that". I like having the one rule (press open except on curves) without any of the special corollaries.

This year I'm choosing more standard prints, and I can already see I need to put out a call to my Tuesday group members about grey scraps. I see Parakeet is back as a color this year...

I've had a terrible time this year getting started on my own projects, basically haven't done anything I planned to do (my quilting is usually roughly planned out 6-10 years ahead...), but I'm happier when I'm sewing and I am able to respond even if I'm not initiating much on my own.

My Frolic top is completed but not quilted down yet -- I think I might have a home for it now so it is moving up on the priority list.

In between now and the start of the new project on Black Friday, I also have a Frolic UFO to complete, goal is to get it put together and sent off before I start the next one. The original quilter did great work and got most of it it done, but there was a confusion on the mystery things and in one step 41 units instead of 41 sets of units was made, once that was figured out it is set up now with all the parts for each square/setting triangle in a bag and is ready to be assembled. This is what I find is the fun part of quilting, the putting together without the tedium, and all I have to do is ship it out when the top is pieced and no quilting... I like this!
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