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hhmmmmm ..... can't think of any secret ingredients in my recipes.
Or is that more like "strange" ingredients? than secret!
But then again, maybe there are, and they just seem normal to me!

CheshirePat ... yes indeed!! My favourite chili is one with cocoa as a main ingredient.
Tropit ... while I don't make clam chowder, I do like a wee bit of curry added to cream of cauliflower soup. It just seems to amp the taste a tad, yet you don't really taste the curry.
IceBlossom ... now that's an interesting twist ... cloves with onions!

As for secret ingredients ... my sister has a friend years ago openly admitted that when she shares a recipe, she leaves an ingredient out, or changes the quantity. Still a do-able recipe, but the final taste is missing that MIA ingredient and thus, just not as good as her cooking!! *sigh* .......... Hard to believe she would do that. Even harder to believe that she admitted it.

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