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Originally Posted by luvstoquilt View Post
I agree with you Tartan. I made the “Roscoe” quilt for my son. It took 27 yards of fabric to complete. Fabric here is $14 a yard. I had it machine quilted for $180. I love it and so does my son. I don’t sell my quilts and won’t one understands the work involved. They see “Bed in the Bag” for next to nothing and think that is the value of our quilts! I gave a quilt to a friend and her husband asked if I got the fabric at an Estate Sale. He had no idea about time and labor involved.
That said, I have a friend that sells at craft shows and does well. She sells small quilts about 10x12 and tiny ones in frames.
27 yards? Wow...that must be a huge quilt!
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