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I made and sold a few quilts along the way but stopped a number of years ago. Now my quilts are for gifts and gifts alone. I have many more to make as gifts. The few I made, I was right up front with the purchaser, on the cost. $250 for a wall hanging. $600 for a full size quilt. $980 for a queen. I did all the quilting myself. I used a contract that required payment for fabrics separate and upfront. and 50% of the finished cost up front. If for some reason they backed out after I started the quilt they forfeited their deposit and I kept the quilt. Payment was due at the time of pickup and the dates for all things were very specific. Only a few walked away. They would choose their own patterns and we went from there. I gave them books and magazines to choose patterns from or they would bring their own.. The only other one I refused to do was to rework the border work of someone else's quilt design on a round quilt. The man that came to me about it paid over $1000 for the quilt and the changes he wanted done on it IMHO needed to be made by the original quilter. She wanted to much to make the changes in his opinion. I refused to touch another quilters magnificent work.
I know it is a challenge to get paid what you are worth. Be upfront and all someone can say is no. Then there is nothing lost or gained. Like I said I only did a few.
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