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Originally Posted by QuiltE View Post
Thanks Charley26 ..... you have me intrigued as to how this would work out.
Looks like it would be a .... "heavy" bread??
Does it matter whether the oats are quick cook or large flake? Thanks!
I would not say it is 'heavy'. The slices are not big, imagine having one, or two at the most, slices of a cake, made in a similar loaf tin, eg lemon drizzle cake. Two slices would, perhaps, equate to one slice from a usual sized loaf of bread. It is delicious, I think so anyway, and I make it frequently. It is like having your breakfast bowl of porridge in loaf form!
I generally use quick oats, but if I think they are too fine, I add a hand full of the large flakes to the measure. The trick is the size of the yoghurt pot, and use that to measure the oats. If your yoghurt pot is only half that size I mentioned, you will need to halve the bicarb and oil too - and use a 1lb lof tin.
The loaf will only rise so much, and the mix only comes up 2/3 the loaf tin, before it goes into the oven.
I would be interested to see how you find it though!
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