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Post A Bucket List Check off

Quilting a Dream Big panel on my bucket list since they were first introduced some time ago. Then, a family wedding warranting a quilt for posterity, but bride and groom indicating a blend of vintage and modern. Viola! A digital print (the panel) certain falls in the modern category. Jordan Fabrics recently highlighted a pattern titled Dresden Bloom and it was the inspiration for the panel setting.

To the drawing board, upsize, etc., etc. (mostly et cetera) and have at it. As I sat at my mid-arm (Babylock Coronet) to begin the panel stitching, I must admit to a moment's trepidation not having a clue what/how I would quilt this beauty. After a few prayers, I embarked on the project, got in "the zone," and the rest is in the pic's.

This is my first attempt to post pics on the new forum. Not sure how many pics will take in each posting (I think there are 5 pics) or if I'll even be successful in uploading, but here goes.

One last note: I turned 80 in September 2019 and got to thinking about that bucket list of mine. Glad to have this one item done.

Thanks for sharing . . .
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