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sewbizgirl, unfortunately I think you made the same mistake I did when I assembled the Around the Corner quilt. If you check the pattern, the very first diagonal is supposed to go downward from left to right & is supposed to be whichever colored diagonal block you have 6 of. If you check your quilt, the first one (the green) goes upward from left to right and yellow is actually the color you have 6 of. I made the same mistake and "fixed" mine by creating 2 more blocks to make a 6x6 pattern (in your case it'd be two more of the blocks with the green diagonals) Alternately, you could take off the bottom row, re-arrange the blocks, and make it the new top row which would still make it slightly different than the original pattern but would have the same overall secondary pattern (just the mirror image of it) Although all that sounds like more ripping than I'd want to put into it, since at that point you might as well just make a second quilt with the pattern instead lol

Sharongn, I do really like that pretty blue Fabric A in your second set. But I can understand why you might want to pick the first set if you have all the fabrics for it available to cut- gotta squeeze in those little fabric prep moments when you can! Some of the material also says she might be releasing a Step 2 around Christmas, so there might be even more cutting to do then! (I can't tell for sure that's meant for this year though, as it looks like on parts of her website the info from previous years is still showing so that might have been for another MQ)
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