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Default 2021 Quilting Goals

Originally Posted by tallchick View Post
What are your Quilty goals for 2021? Are you carrying any others over from 2020? What are your ongoing never ending goals?

Old Goals:

1: Work more with EQ8
2: Back a quilt with Minky
3: Make a paper pieced quilt.

New Goals:

1: Become more proficient with Auto Pilot.
2: Learn a new technique.
3: Use more scraps.
4: Spend more time learning about color.
5: Spend more time quilting.

Never Ending Goals:

1: Organization
2: Winning the lottery.

This year I only managed to make one new quilt and finish my Frolic; an all time low for me, what a chaotic year it has been.
I cant wait to hear and see what your goals are!
What is Auto Pilot? A quilting thing?
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