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So my trip to the LQS was successful. K bought nothing! She & her daughter went through many closets & unearthed even more fabric, so she's on a fabric diet. She did find some suitable for backing though.
I bought 2 fabric pieces for my still-unplanned western quilt. One is for the backing. It is a cream with line drawings of cowboys with cattle & the Alamo. I asked for 6.5 yards & it had 6.75 so I finished the bolt. Just in case my top needs some filler... So that bit was an impulse. The other is just over a yard of colorful cowboys on horseback, Texas flags, & the Alamo. I finished the bolt there, too. But now i shouldn't need any more fabric for that quilt, just a pattern! I want to showcase the cowboy fabric, so I'll look for layer cake layouts.
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