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I have run into the parts not being made with both vintage cars and sewing machines. While it might be possible to find someone that has a collection of old machines for parts and willing to sell or repair your machine, it all depends on how wedded you are to the machine and how much you are willing to pay for the ability of keeping that older machine. Here's what we've found with our cars--if it's truly a collectible and you plan to treat it as such and it has monetary value as a collectible--we pay the price to find that old part or have a new made (very pricey!). If it's not a collectible, then we get rid of and replace. I feel the same with my machines--while I love my original (bought used) Deluxe because it was my first, I know I can't get parts and am not attached. When my 10 yr old Elna--which I love it, love its features--shoots craps, I will replace--I've gotten tons of use out of it and it's paid off for me. Good luck!
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