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Originally Posted by WesternWilson View Post
I find improv projects really get my creative juices flowing. I love Rayna Gillman's books and also the Colaborative Quilting books by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. I will put the links at the end, Rayna also has a blog.

Just off the top, doing an improv, wonky log cabin gets you into your stash and in the mood...they make great mug rugs too.

Another fun, easy kickstarter is a strip set: put together 6 strips of fabric that look great together, sew them together. Press that strip set out and then cut it at right angles to the stitch lines, in varying widths. Reverse every other one and stitch those together. That makes a really fun block.

Pinterest is always a good inspiration...try searching improv quilt blocks there.
I love the quilt that you have pictured. It's tame, but still a little rebellious.
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