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Default UFO Challenge for 2021

Happy New Year, all quilters!
Welcome to the UFO Challenge for the New Year. Our goal is to complete as many of our Unfinished Objects as possible in the calendar year. What is a UFO? Each quilter decides that for him/herself. For some, it's any project that rolls over from 2020 into 2021. For others, it's a project set aside for a few weeks in order to start a new one. YOU decide what is or isn't a UFO. Of course, we all love to start a new quilt, but we do need to finish our old projects as well. If you no longer love it, hand it off to someone who will. That counts as a finish! Once meetings and gatherings start up again, swap an unloved project with someone else for their unloved project. It will be fresh to you so you may finish it quickly. Some people set goals for themselves, but it certainly isn't required. If possible, share pictures of your completed projects. We love successful completions, and will celebrate with you. This group is very encouraging to each other.

I thought it would be good to start the New Year with a list of UFOs we will bring into 2021.
Mine are:
*Star of the Show, started about a year ago. I only cut it out, but I started it!
*Western-themed quilt. I have all the fabric (I hope) but no pattern yet
*RWB quilt. I'm working on it still. In fact I worked on it today .But It's rolling over into 2021. It may be more of a WIP than a UFO
*Jelly Roll Ripple, which I started Dec 29. So it's really a WIP, rolling over into 2021. I also worked on it today.
*4 tops made by K's daughter. Those are flimsies, so we'll find backs, then sandwich, quilt, and bind them
I think 8 is a nice number for the new year.
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