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Default January - June 2021 Round Robin

Group 1
MonaG mails to RebaQuilts
RebaQuilts mails to Jacquie (International)
Jacquie (International) mails to Hav4boys
Hav4boys mails to CarrieM
CarrieM mails to mmonohan

mmonohan mails to MonaG

Group 2
Suz mails to Petthefabric
Petthefabic mails to MonaG
MonaG mails to Suz

Since there are only 3 of us in group 2 we can each do two rounds or do larger rounds. I wouldn't mind having a small throw size quilt, please let me know what you guys want to do.

First mail date is on or before 1.15.21, please send the tracking info to your mail to person once you have mailed your quilt top.
Please also check with each other before mailing early to make sure it is OK. Remember to post photos and have fun.
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