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Exciting time, Rhonda K!

My sewing area is L-shaped and very spacious but too much stuff in it. I cleared the top of a small table by my die cutting machine this morning to give me an uncluttered look when I go downstairs. Of course, the bits and pieces of fabric got added to my trim pile. Lol. But I did put all of the dies back on their appropriate shelf.

My sewing goals this year will be, of course, to reduce fabric and to keep my sewing area fairly organized.

My January specific goals for my house will be 2 hours per week in my office which has the pictures/memorabilia, loose papers, and a box with papers to be shredded. Another 2 hours per week will be spent in an extra bedroom that has been a ‘toss in’ room along with a weight lifting machine and the treadmill. I’m giving myself permission to break the time into little pieces and have a notebook in each area to record the time spent. Only M-F though.

Wish me luck!
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