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Originally Posted by petthefabric View Post
I've been brainstorming. Haven't decided on a center. Goal is to mail it Jan 11.
Mona G, I'm excited about your center. My mind is already getting creative.

As to Options: 1) each do 2 rounds; 2) each do larger round; 3) make a smaller quilt. Are these correct? I prefer a smaller quilt.

Mona, just noticed your location and think d/t snow/weather, it might take longer for mail to go/come with you. I'll be watching the weather. I'll try to send by Jan 8 so it'll have 1 wk to get to you. Is our group still open to more persons? It does take some skill, time and creativity to do a RR. All my Q-buddies declined.
The mail date is 1.15 not receive date

But I'm ready for your center at any time.
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