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Originally Posted by Grammahunt View Post
I now have a guide that I sure wish I'd had at the time.
Does your chart say that you make a 2" finished QST by starting with a 4 1/4" square, which you cut twice diagonally?

Originally Posted by SuzSLO View Post
For quarter square triangles, start with a square to which you add 1 1/4 to the finished size. If the finished size is 3, start with a 4 1/4 square. For a 4 finished size, start with a 5 1/4 square. Etc. Many people start with a slightly larger square and trim to unfinished size after sewing.
But I recently made 2" finished QSTs for the mystery, and Bonnie's directions said to start with a 4 1/4" square, which was then cut twice diagonally. So I think the above must refer to a different method (possibly the one that starts making QSTs by first making 'parent' HSTs), because following the above, I would have started with a 3 1/4" square, not a 4 1/4".

I guess I could experiment, following what is the apparent 'formula' Bonnie used -- double the size of the finished unit and add 1/4".
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