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Thanks for your response. I hope some more will have actual experience with one of the these machines.

In the manual for the Husqvarna 2000, needle sizes up to 19/120 is seen in a table. The manual for the Husqvarna 21A names needles up to 21/130. So from a needle perspective the machines can take threads up to about Tex 135. But I know more other machines, that will take a large needle but not the corresponding heavier thread.

The Husqvarna machines are special compared to other brands, because they have this oil free shuttle system and special "floating" shuttle hook. That is why I do not like to compare it to what domestic sewing machines normally can handle. From other sources I see different opinions of the max thread size they can handle.

I got a Singer 201k myselves, and with a few modifications I have sewn about 2000 m of Tex 135 with it, and typically needles of size 22/140 was used. So it is not like I think that I think that domestic machines got a special limit at Tex 70.
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