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Hi Bev---thanks for following up. Yes the test was this morning. It came back negative for carpal tunnel so now I wait for the surgeon's office to call to see what his plan is...hopefully tomorrow. I am thinking requesting a hand therapy specialist...not ready to get a 3rd cortisone injection in yet a different spot--something he mentioned at my appt a couple weeks ago because he thinks if I am in early stages of carpal tunnel it may not show on the test they did today, but if the injection took away the pain we would know for sure that it is what he thinks it is.

You mentioned a splint...I have worn two different kinds over the last several months...just at night and all day long. I have also done some exercises on my own, had chiro adjustments, x-rays, and an MRI. The doctor today that did the test kind of said under his breath something about arthritis...I think because he was just doing the test he didn't want to diagnose me so said he would send the results to the surgeon's office. I actually have to see the doctor who did the test for something else next week (I have gone to him for dry needling and pain in my elbow in the past) so will ask his opinion when he knows he won't be stepping on the other doctor's toes...I can say this is what the surgeon said/suggests, but I am curious what your options are??
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