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Oh...I wish there was someone here that has made water kefir before and could help me. Second day and still no fizz.

For those of you that don't know what water kefir is...It's a bubbly, fizzy drink that can be consumed plain, or flavored with various fruit juices, ginger, or herbs. It taste like a hand crafted soda pop, only perhaps not quite as sweet. You can buy a bottle of it at most, major grocery stores s/a Safeway.

It's made similar to Kombucha, only made with water instead of green, or black tea, so there's no caffeine, or fermented tea taste. It starts with a yeast/bacteria culture that comes as little dehydrated granules. The granules are soaked in sugar water and become swollen and activated, then they are strained out and the, "cultured water," goes through a second fermentation with more sugar water and maybe some fruit juice. It's bottled and left for a 1-4 days to build up some fizz. The granules are then put back into sugar water and the process starts again.

Alas...mine is not getting fizzy. I have it at the correct temperature and I think I've followed the directions. I don't know where I went wrong. I'll give it a couple more days.

*Correction of first post: WF = WK = Water Kefir

Water Kefir is different than Milk Kefir. It's made with water, not milk.

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